Eyelid Rejuvenation

Do people tell you that you look tired even when you have had plenty of sleep? Do you look like your parents long before you expected to? Droopy, puffy, or baggy eyelids may make you look tired or old. These changes usually develop as a result of familial tendencies, allergies, sun damage, or aging. The drooping skin and puffy fat deposits can be removed or repositioned in a procedure known as a blepharoplasty, or an eyelid lift. Many of these procedures can be performed without a skin incision and with minimal bruising, swelling, or discomfort. Dr. Groth has successfully performed thousands of these procedures with elegant and natural looking results.

Our eyes have landmark shapes and contours, the features that create our unique identity in youth, but over time our eyes acquire additional features that cause us to look old and tired. Most people seeking eyelid rejuvenation do not want to alter the distinctive characteristics of their eyes, they simply wish to restore the original appearance they had prior to the changes of aging. The art of performing successful eyelid restoration is in preserving the features of our eyes that give us our unique identity, while minimizing those extra features that make us look old and tired.

In youth the upper eyelid has a smooth contour from the eyebrow down to the upper lid crease. In addition, there is usually, a platform of skin visible between the upper lid crease and the lashes. With age, the skin stretches, loses elasticity and forms folds, while the underlying fat sags and shifts position creating budges and hollows. A fold, or hood, develops that sits on the upper lid obscuring the platform of the eyelid. Eventually, this fold of skin may cover the lid, making it difficult to open the eyes or apply makeup. In severe cases, this drooping tissue can hang over the lashes and even block vision. When restoring the upper eyelids, we remove the excess skin, reposition or remove the upper lid fat, and reinforce the upper lid crease, restoring the youthful height of the platform and the smooth contour of the upper lid.

Patient A

In youth the lower eyelid blends into the cheek almost seamlessly in most people. With age, the lower eyelid fat bulges, creating bags, while the cheek fat pad shrinks and slides down the face, forming a hollow groove between the eye and the cheek. This hollow lies in the shadow cast by the bag of eye fat above it, which makes it more pronounced. Simply removing the fat of the lower eyelids, as many surgeons do, could leave the lower lid with a sunken appearance. When restoring lower eyelids, we strive to preserve both the eye and the cheek fat pads and reposition them to blend together, recreating the smooth contour of youth. Dr. Groth is one of the small number of surgeons who has performed thousands of these procedures.

Patient B